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FMT Strength & Conditioning Consultation Services

This service includes, though is not limited to, providing guidance and direction to institutions and businesses. This includes the best model to fit an organisation and how to drive standards and create change across a spectrum of people who require strength and conditioning support.  Staff upskilling, providing a blueprint specific to an organisation with clear criteria for each stage of the LTAD model, and optimal monitoring systems have all been implemented successfully within various organisations across Scotland via FMT support.

FMT Private Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Note that there are no private coaching slots available at this time (Q1 2017). Please stay tuned as there are further openings for private strength& conditioning support in May 2017.

FMT Online Advanced Program Design

Fraser takes an individual approach to programming clients. "Programs that you see in magazines are made for the masses; they don't take into account somatotype, injury history, training history or current capabilities of the client. For some people they might work for a while; however, I don't believe that they maximise any client’s potential".

There are three ways of programming: month by month, three month blocks or six month blocks. As a FMT online client you will receive support through email, video and if need be via phone. Note the prices listed below are for online programming only.

Here's what to do next:

1. Use the contact page to express interest.

2. Next, you'll be emailed a questionnaire addressing everything from your time to commit to training, training history, injury history, your goals and even sleeping patterns. This is an in-depth assessment; you may also be required to take photos for a postural assessment.

3. Your program will be created and uploaded to a shared online platform (Dropbox). This will address every part of your goals and more; body composition, flexibility and mobility, muscle mass, strength, power, agility, energy systems training and soft tissue work.  All you are required to do is bring the effort and adherence.

Do you need more convincing before you maximize your potential? Read what past and current FMT clients have said about Fraser's training.



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"On.. full testimonial

- ZORAN DUBAIC, Co owner of Strength & Performance LTD

  I have had personal training before and was always pushed hard. I thought that's what personal training was: just somebody who pushes you hard. It wasn't until .. full testimonial

- Jacky Conroy, International Student

  I position Fraser amongst the countries most elite in personal physical training. This is not something I say flippantly either - since working with him, I have developed.. full testimonial

- Tim Shaw, TV & Radio Presenter

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