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I position Fraser amongst the countries most elite in personal physical training. This is not something I say flippantly either - since working with him, I have developed a keen interest in training and am continually shocked at just how educated Fraser is in what I now call a science. The country is full of people who falsely claim to comprehend this science (I have met hundreds of them) Fraser is one of the few that do.

He was solely in charge of my body transformation for a primetime television series on Ch4 called Extreme Male Beauty. The show focused purely on my journey from fat to fit over an intensive eight week period. Fraser masterminded the whole programme - from my diet to exercises, warm ups to rest days, he planned every move I made.

Amazingly he managed to work around complicated medical issues I have without injury, this was something medics were saying was nearly impossible.

The results of his training were SO impressive that Ch4 lawyers actually carried out their own tests on me to confirm that I had achieved such an incredible transformation in a mere eight weeks without the use of  drugs. They simply didn?t believe it was possible. They were proven wrong and the show set a new TV benchmark in natural male body makeovers.

I continue to train with Fraser today. His no-nonsense approach works well for me. I am training for one reason - to get fit and feel good, so ?Let?s not stand about chatting when there is work to be getting on with? (A regular quote from Fraser whenever I made the mistake of trying to avoid exercise in the early days!)

- Tim Shaw, TV & Radio Presenter

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