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I have been involved in professional sport for eight years, combine this with my Sport Science and Exercise BSc and three years of working as a personal trainer I thought that I had all of the bases covered when it came to conditioning.

Then I met Fraser.

Fraser showed me that it takes more than a good cardiovascular system to get the elite levels of conditioning. It takes a passion and thirst for knowledge to get to those elite ability levels and Fraser has this in abundance.

He lives and breathes conditioning of the body, and he will pass this onto anybody who does his programming.

My body has never felt healthier; my muscular imbalances have gone, my posture has improved and this has lead to increased performance both on and off the field.

If you want to train to take it to the next level, then train with Fraser. Just listen to him and put in the effort, then he will take you the place you want to be.

- Luke Stringer, Professional Rugby Player - Chicago Griffins

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